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Wave Function: A Linearly Polarized Wave

Please give a step by step solution:

1) The wave function for a linearly polorized wave on a taut string is:

y(x,y)=Asin(wt - kx + phi)

where A =0.4m, w=3.2s^-1, k=8.1m^-1, phi = 0.49, t is in seconds and x and y are in meters. What is the speed of the wave in m/s?

b) What is the vertical displacement of the string at x(0) = 0.1 m, t(0)= 1 sec? Answer in units of meters.

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The given equation is
y(x,y)=Asin(wt - kx + phi) ......................(1)

Where y =displacement
W=2pi(u) = angular frequency
phi = ...

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This solution provides a step by step response with an explanation and calculations to illustrate how to solve for speed and vertical displacement.