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Operations and Commutator Relationships

Please answer question number 8 only. Please see the attached file.

Commutators: One of the characteristics of operators if that they generally do not commute. We define the commutator of two operators through the expression [A,B] = [A][B] - [B][A].

Prove the following commutator relationships: (a) [x,p] = i^h, (b) [E,t] = i^h, (c) [x,t] = 0, (d) [p,E] = 0.
(e) Do you believe that these results are related to the fact that delta(x)delta(p) (greater or less than) 1/2h, delta(E)delta(t) (greater or less than) 1/2h, delta(x)delta(t) (greater or less than) 0, and delta(E)delta(p) (greater or less than) 0? Explain.


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