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Mechanics - velocity and kinetic energy

A Steel pile is driven a distance (d) into the ground by a hammer of mass (M) 450kg, dropped from a height (h) of 3.25m above the top of the pile. The mass of the pile (m) is 40kg and the average resistance of the ground to penetration (Fr) is 45kN.


a. The velocity and the kinetic energy of the hammer immediately before impact with the pile.

d. The distance (d) through which the pile is driven into the ground.

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a) The mass of the hammer is, M = 450 Kg

Height, h = 3.25 m

Initially, the hammer has potential energy which is converted to kinetic energy as it falls down.

The potential energy ...

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This shows how to calculate the velocity and the kinetic energy before impact in a given situation and how to calculate distance with a given mass dropped from a given height.