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Acceleration, distance, and velocity of Car A and Car B

Car A accelerates from rest with 2m/sec^2 and Car B is moving with a constant velocity of 25 m/s. at the instant t=0.

(a) distance between the two cars at t=5 sec.
(b) time for the cars to arrive at the same location.
(c) distance of car A from the origin when they arrive at the same location.
(d) speed of car A at the instant they arrive at same location.
(e) acceleration needed for car B to come to a stop over a distance of 100 meters.

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velocity of car A = va = 0 + 2*t = 2t (where t is time)
velocity of car B = vb = 25 m/s
sa(t) = ut + (1/2)at^2
=> sa(t) = 0 + (1/2)*2*t^2 = t^2
sb(t) = ...

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