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Combined Gas Laws : Pressure, Volume and Temperature

P6. Solve problems involving the gas laws...
Task 1: The temperature of 2 litres of gas at 100 kPa rises from 18°C to 163.5°C. If the volume remains constant, what does the pressure change to?
Task 2: In an air pump, the cylinder volume is 20 litres when the piston is at the top of its compression stroke. The pressure is then 540 kN/m2. When the piston returns and the pressure reduces to 90 kN/m2, the inlet valve opens. If the temperature remains constant, what does the volume change to?
Task 3: A gas has a volume of 0.100 m3 at a temperature of 25°C and an absolute pressure of 140 kPa. What will be its volume when it is at a pressure of 700 kPa and a temperature of 60°C?


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