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Physics: Thermal Expansion problems

The answers are provided. Please show the calculations.

1. The coefficient of linear expansion of steel is 1 x 10-5/°C. How much expansion should engineers anticipate in a 2,000-ft steel bridge if it undergoes a change in temperature from 0°C to 30°C?
Answer : 0.6ft

2. A 2m-long aluminum pipe at 27°C is heated until it is 2.0024m at 77°C. What is the coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum?
Answer: 2.4 x 10-5/°C

3. The volume of a brass block at 31°C is 400cm3. What will be its volume at 62°C?

4. The hot water heating system of a building contains 60.0ft3 of water in steel pipes. How much water will overflow into the expansion tank if the system is filled at 40°C and then is heated to 80°C
Answer: 0.82ft3

Note: the OTA says that the answer to 4. is incorrect. Correct answer is 0.42ft3