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Stars and Galaxies

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1. Electromagnetic radiation of various kinds.
Early universe was radiation dominated but now it is matter dominated.
2. Supernova explosions.
The heavy elements which were produced in supernova explosions of early universe are there in our solar system.
3. Ions.
Matter is in plasma state in the core of the sun. In the interior of the Sun nuclear fusion reactions are going on now, with hydrogen fusing to form helium. Our sun is in the main sequence stage of its life.
4. 6:1
Dark matter is around 24% while ordinary matter is 4%.
5. Increases and decreases in an 11-year cycle.
The sunspots are regions of enhanced magnetic fields.
6. Radio waves.
Molecular transitions are in radio wavelengths - a few examples are CO and PAH molecules.
7. Greater than the speed of light.
Actually galaxies are not traveling at velocity greater than light velocity but the space in which it ...

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