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Single slit diffraction intensity versus Angle

The single slit diffraction pattern for a monochromatic wave of wavelength λ incident normally on a narrow slit of width a is described in the Fraunhofer region by the intensity.

I =

Where θ is the deflection angle perpendicular to the incident wave front.

1. What is the value of I(θ) as θ -> 0?
2. Sketch the form of I versus θ for the particular case λ = a/2. How does the sketch change as λ decreases?
3. Show that the intensity peak centered on θ = 0 falls to half its central intensity at
θ = sin-1(0.443λ/a)


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This 3-page word document explains in detail the solution for a single slit diffraction problem. Solution also include sketches of the intensity pattern for two values of the wavelength. Additional graph is used to solve for theta for a given value of intensity.