For serious students: vectors

(See attached file for full problem description with symbols and units)

A radar station, located at the origin of xz plane, as shown in the figure , detects an airplane coming straight at the station from the east. At first observation (point A), the position of the airplane relative to the origin is . The position vector has a magnitude of 360 and is located at exactly 40 above the horizon. The airplane is tracked for another 123 in the vertical east-west plane for 5.0 , until it has passed directly over the station and reached point B. The position of point B relative to the origin is (the magnitude of is 880 ). The contact points are shown in the diagram, where the x axis represents the ground and the positive z direction is upward.
Define the displacement of the airplane while the radar was tracking it: . What are the components of ?
Note: Use three significant figures in your intermediate calculations.
Express numerically as an ordered pair, separating the x and z components with a comma, to an accuracy of two significant figures.