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Saturated vapor pressure and dew-point.

A 1 m^3 closed container contains air with vapor pressure 10hPa. a dish containing 8 g of liquid water is placed in the container. a thermostat maintains the temperature of the air within the container at 25 degree Celsius at all times. In the following, assume a latent heat of vaporization of 2.4*10^6 J/kg.

Will all the water in the dish eventually evaporate?

If the container holds 1.3 kg of dry air, what are the final specific and relative humidities of the air in the container? what is the dew point?

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The experimental values of saturated vapour pressure and density at ...

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The solution is to find that whether the whole water in a closed container will evaporate at the given temperature or not, and to find the dew-point.