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    Quantum Properties

    Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It ranges from radio waves to gamma rays. Visible light is not much different from the other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum with the exception that the human eye can detect it.

    Matter is composed of atoms, ions or molecules and it is light’s interaction with matter which gives rise to the various phenomena which can help us understand the nature of matter. Atoms, ions and molecules have defined energy levels associated with energy levels that electrons in the matter can hold. Light can be generated by the matter or a photon of light can interact with the energy levels in different ways.

    Properties of light can be represented in energy level diagrams also called Jablonski diagrams. The atom or molecule in the lowest energy state possible can absorb a photon which will allow the atom r molecule to be raised to a higher energy level state or become excited. Hence matter can absorb light of characteristic wavelengths. 

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    Inverted Image

    An object is placed 32.0 cm from a convex lens with a focal length of 8.0 cm. If the object is 3.0cm high, how high is the image? Is the image inverted or not?

    Prism, Internal reflection, Rainbow

    (a) You have a large triangular prism made of silica (ns = 1.45) resting on a table. The internal angles of the triangle are 90 degree and 45 degree. You also have a laser beam (wavelength = 633 nm) set up parallel to the tabletop. How would you point the laser beam onto the prism to make the light travel through the prism th

    Refraction, Interference, and Diffraction

    1)An oil film on water appears brightest at the outer regions, where it is thinnest. from this information, what can you say about the index of refraction of oil relative to that of water. 2)Why two flashlights held close together do not produce an interference pattern on a distant screen? 3)If a fine wire is stretched ac

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    1. What is the difference between mass and weight? Does one of these matter more than the other when you are dieting, or are both important? Why? 2. What is frictional force? Name at least two examples from everyday life where friction is important, and explain why 3. Training astronauts for weightlessness i

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    1) You are examining the light spectrum from a hot galactic gas. From the frequencies in the spectrum, you conclude that the gas is mostly made of hydrogen. From the relative intensities of each part of the spectrum, you deduce that for every 12 hydrogen atoms in the first excited state, there are 3 in the second excited state

    Calculating the total energy of photons from a helium-neon laser.

    A helium-neon laser gives off red light with a wavelength of 632.8 nm (nanometers). What is the energy of the photons coming out of the laser? (Hint: the speed of light is 3x10 [to the 8th pwr.] m/sec.) SIDE NOTES: We have been using very basic equations in this class, it is not advanced or anything. I do not know wh