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Photoelectric effect and frequency of light

"The work function of gold is 4.58 eV. What frequency of light must be used to eject electrons from a gold surface with a maximum kinetic energy of 6.48e-19?"

Here's what I did:

W0 = (4.58 eV) (1.6e-19) = 7.33e-19 J

Kmax = hf - W0
f = (Kmax / h) + W0
f = (6.48e-19 / 6.626e-34) + 7.33e-19 = 9.78e14 Hz

But that's not the right answer. The right answer is supposedly 2.08e15.

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Your setup is totally fine. Your equations are correct. Your problem lies in your algebra.

Recheck ...

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This solution provides a brief outline on the mistake in the problem, involving frequency calculations.