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Orbit Frequency of an Electron

The hydrogen atom may be described as a postively charged proton surrounded by an orbiting, negatively charged electron. In a simple model, the electron is in a circular orbit of radius r= 5.29 x 10( to the negative 11) m about a stationary proton. The mass of the proton is mp= 1.67 x 10 (negative 27)kg and the mass of the proton me= 9.11 x 10 (negative 31)kg. The charge on the proton is +e, and the charge on the electron is , where e= 1.60 x( negative 19) C. (a) What is the Coulomb force between the proton and the electron? (b) What is the linear speed of the electron in its orbit? (c) What is the orbit frequency of the electron about the proton?

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The Coulomb force is attractive since the charges are negative and positive. The potential energy function for the ...

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This solution includes simple calculations for (a) through (c).