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Calculating the total time and the average force during the movement of a mass on a surface.

On a frictionless ice a variable force P in Newtons, expressed by P= 5 + 6 t, is applied to an initially stationary block of wood to move it across the ice until its final speed is V= 25 m/sec. The mass of the wood is M= 3 kg. Vectors P and V are in the same direction.
a. Find the time, in seconds, that the force is applied.
b. Find the average force during the force application.

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The momentum law expressed in words is "Impulse = change of momentum."
<br>This law applies when a net force Fnet is applied, for a time interval t, to an object whose mass is M. If the initial velocity is Vo and the final velocity is Vf then the momentum law expressed with symbols is:
<br>Fnet* t = M *Vf - M *Vo
<br>Note that ...