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All about inductors - a review

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An inductor is a passive electrical component made from a conducting wire. Passive electrical components do not have a gain when used. They just require the input signal to function (resistors and capacitors are also passive components). The electrical symbol of an inductor is shown below.

Inductor is a coil of electrically conducting wire, eg. Copper. The coil may or may not have a solid core material. The core is intended to enhance the inductance of the coil. Different applications require different cores depending on the frequency of operation. The core can be air or a ferromagnetic material. Core materials with a higher permeability than air confine the magnetic field closely to the inductor, thereby increasing the inductance. [1]

Inductance may be considered as the property of a wire or coil to oppose the changes in the magnitude or direction or both of the current passing through it. Inductance is usually denoted by the symbol L and is derived from Faraday's law.

According to faradays law, the change in magnetic field associated with a current fluctuation will induce a ...

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