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Does Venus have a Thicker Atmosphere than Earth?

On the sunlit surface of Venus, the atmospheric pressure is 9.0 x 10 6Pa, and the temperature is 740K. On the earth's surface the atmospheric pressure is 1.0 x 10 5Pa, while the surface temp can reach 320K. These data imply that Venus has a "thicker" atmosphere at its surface than does the earth, which means that the number of molecules per unit volume (N/V) is greater on the surface of Venus than on Earth. Find the ratio (N/V) Venus / (N/V) Earth.

The ideal gas law says that for an ideal gas: PV=NkT where P, V, and T are pressure (Pascals), volume(m-3), and temperature(K) respectively, N is the number of molecules, and k is Boltzmann's constant.

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