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Calculating moles and molecular mass

A steel bottle of 4.00 liters, initially evacuated, is filled with 4.00 grams of a pure gas. The bottle has an absolute pressure of 1.5375 Standard Atmospheres when the temperature is 300 Kelvin. R=0.0820 liter atm/mole K.

1) How many moles of gas does the bottle contain?

2) What's the molecular weight (in grams) of the mass?

3) If the gas is a hydrocarbon compound known to be a member of the paraffin series, CnH2n+2, what is the chemical formula of the compound?

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1) To solve for the number of moles of gas, we can use the ideal gas law which says that P V = n R T. This can be rewritten as n = P V / (R T) to give the number of moles of gas. Since the volume (4 liters), pressure (1.5375 atm) and temperature (300K) are known you can calculate the ...

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