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Transformer - flux, flux density etc

The primary winding of the transformer considered in question has 1000 turns. The iron core has a cross section of 70cm^2, and a mean path length of 150cm for the magnetic flux within it. The permeability of the iron may be assumed to be 0.0040 henrys per metre.

(a) Calculate the maximum flux and flux density in the iron core when a sinusoidal voltage of 2200 volts rms is applied to the primary winding.

(b) Calculate the maximum and rms values of the magnetising current.

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The permeability of the iron core, mu = 0.0040 henrys per metre

If we assume that, a maximum flux of PHI_max is produced when 2200Vrms is applied to the primary winding of Nm turns of the transformer,

Vrms = (Nm * PHI)/(sqrt 2)

From this, PHI_max = sqrt(2) * Vrms/Nm

= sqrt(2) * 2200/1000

= ...

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