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Thermodynamics of Varying Stations

Air flows through the converging-diverging nozzle. The conditions at the inlet side are at standard atmospheric conditions, while the density and the temperature at station B is 0.060 lbm/ft3 and 30.5 degree Fahrenheit. Also, the density at station C is 0.050 lbm/ft3, with the velocity at station A recorded to be at 380 ft/s. Determine the following, assuming ideal gas conditions and isentropic process:

a) Mass Flow of air
b) The velocity of stations B and C
c) The pressure at station B and C
d) The changes in internal energy, enthalpy, kinetic energy and potential energies.

Draw a diagram of the converging-diverging nozzle, where the diameter at station
A=5 in, B=2 in, and the diameter at station C=6 in.


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The answer addresses the mass flow of air, velocity and pressure of varying stations, and the changes in energy.