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Properties of Electromagnetic Radiation

Understanding the Electromagnetic radiation(EM wave):

1. Which of these is constant for all types of electromagnetic radiation in space?
a. wavelength
b. speed
c. energy
d. frequency
e. amplitude

2. Light waves differ fundamentally from water or sound waves because:
a. they have many different wavelenghts.
b. they do not require a material medium for transmission.
c. they all have the same energy.
d. the energy of all light waves is constant.
e. they can only travel at one speed, regardless of the medium.

3. Which form of electromagnetic radiation would be blocked in the stratosphere by ozone?
a. visible light
b. infrared
c. microwaves
d. ultraviolet
e. cosmic rays

4. The frequency at which a black body's intensity peaks depends directly on its:
a. direction of motion
b. mass
c. temperature
d. radius
e. magnetic fields

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1. b. speed
The velocity of light is a constant for Electromagnetic(EM) radiation by special theory of relativity.
2. b. Light waves do not require a material medium for ...

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The solution contains a detailed description about the electromagnetic radiation. The behavior of electromagnetic radiation with different layers of atmosphere and its properties are explained with useful equations.