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Add rotational kinetic energy plus translational kinetic energy to get the total kinetic energy of a moving four wheeled cart.

A cart has four wheels in the shape of uniform cylinders, each of whose mass is m= 20 kg. The total mass of the cart, including the cylinders, is M= 1000 kg.
The total KE (kinetic energy) of the cylinders is what percentage of the total KE of the moving cart?

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Recall #1: The KE due to rotation, of an object whose moment of inertia is I, which is rotating with angular velocity w, is:
(1) KErot = .5 I w^2
Recall #2. The moment of inertia of a uniform cylinder of mass m and radius R is expressed by:
(2) I= .5 m R^2
Recall #3. From equations of linear motion and of angular ...