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Batteries and Hydrogen

1. The lead acid battery used in cars uses the reaction of
Pb + PbO2 + 2H+ + 2HSO4- ---> 2PbSO4 + 2H2O and has a cell potential of 2.046 volts.
How are 6 volt and 12 volt batteries produced for cars?
a. The pH is made very acidic.
b. 3 or 6 cells are connected together to increase the voltage
c. The concentration of reactants, Pb and PbO2, are increased to push the reaction farther from equilibrium
d. A second reaction is coupled with it.

2. Hydrogen has been touted as a pollution and greenhouse gas free fuel. It can be consumed in a hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell quite efficiently. Which of the following is a weakness of using hydrogen as a fuel? Check all that apply.
a. hydrogen has a zero half-cell potential and does not produce much energy per mole
b. hydrogen is the lightest element
c. hydrogen is a gas and not easy to transport
d. there is too little hydrogen on earth to be of much use.
e. hydrogen is a secondary fuel, meaning it must be created by using another fuel source.

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