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3 Q Electric Field: Point Charges, Ring, Sphere, Gauss,

I am really having trouble understanding the concepts of these problems because I have found the median of each side of the triangle to find the center then using geometry i was able to figure out the angles but i am completely lost on what to do next! Please can some one explain to me how to do this problem!

1)Three electric insulated point charges are forming an equilateral triangle with side a.

a.) Find electric field at the center of this triangle.

b.) What will be the magnetic field at the center of the same triangle, when charges are moving along its sides with constant velocity v in clockwise direction and are exactly in the middle between two consequent corners?

2) A metal ring of radius r carries uniformly distributed along its circumference charge Q. Define the electric field in the center of this ring and on its axis (assume that the distance form some point on the axis to the center of the ring is a).

3) A solid, insulating sphere of radius (a) has a uniform charge density p and a total charge +Q. Find the magnitude of the electric fiel in the regions r<a and r>a. Draw the schematic graph of electric field ( E vs. r).

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