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Coulomb's Law

A H nucleus & a nucleus of yet an unknown atom are stationary at 5.0x10^-10 m apart, Hydrogen atoms mass is mH = 1.7x10^-27kg with an electric charge of e = 1.6x10^-19 C. The Coulomb constant is Ke = 9.0x10^9 Nm^2 C^-2 and that the gravitational constant is G = 6.7x10^-11 N m^2 kg^-2.

Is the force between the hydrogen and the unknown atom is attractive or repulsive.

What is the electric charge of the unknown atom in coulombs with notation and as a whole number integer of the multiple of the charge of the H nucleus, e. Assumption is that the whole number is the atomic number of the unknown nucleus such as protons within it.

The magnitude of the gravitation force between the H nucleus and the unknowns is 9.3x10^-45 N. is this force attractive or repulsive . what is the mass of the unknown nucleus that is need to give a force of the magnitude in kg and notation. What is the mass as a whole number of a H nucleus mH with the assumption that this whole number is the mass number of the unknowns nucleus e.g. total number of nucleons.

And what is the isotope symbol for the unknown nucleus and what element does it belong to.

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