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    Cosmology is the study of the origin and eventual fate of the universe. Cosmology is divided into two branches, physical cosmology and religious cosmology.

    Physical cosmology is the scientific study of the origin, evolution, structure, dynamics and ultimate fate of the universe. It also looks at the natural laws that keeps the universe in order. Astronomers, theoretical physicists and academic philosophers study physical cosmology. The modern study of cosmology is focused on the Big Bang theory. This theory studies observational astronomy and particle physics.

    Religious cosmology, also referred to as mythological cosmology, are the beliefs based on historical, mythological, religious and esoteric literature. It looks at the traditions of creation and eschatology. Religious cosmology also looks at the world as the totality of space, time and all phenomena. This belief is mainly found by religion.

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    Expanding Universe

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    All galaxies are moving away from the Earth as the Universe stretches.

    Big Bang Theory

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    The Big Bang Theory is a cosmological theory that describes the early development of the Universe.

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    Friedman Equation and Hubble Constant

    Consider a Universe with positive curvature and a cosmological constant. Show that there is no Big Bang (e.g. a time when a=0) and determine the minimum value of the scale factor as a function of H0 and A. See attachment for better symbol representation.

    Time and a Light Sphere

    The metric in Anti de Sitter space can be written as: (see attachment) (a) Find the time it takes a radially directed light to travel from R = 0 to R = infinity. (b) A bubble of vanishing size forms at (t=0, R=0) in Anti de Sitter space. Assuming that the bubble is spherically symmetric and expands at the speed of light,

    Cosmic Microwave Background and Shape of the Universe

    A future experiment finds that the angular diameter distance to the CMB is .1% larger than it would be in a flat universe. Assume a Universe with only matter (and curvature) with a redshift to the CMB of z=1000. a. Is the Universe positively or negatively curved? b. What is 1 - omega(0) See attached file for additional inf

    Neutrino Decoupling

    Neutrino Decoupling: In the early Universe, electrons and neutrinos are strongly coupled through scattering (ν e ↔ ν e) and annihilation (ν ν¯ ↔ e e¯). (see attached files for defined parameters) (a) Find the redshift and temperature of neutrino decoupling. (b) After neutrino decoupling, the Universe is filled with

    Einstein's static universe- Introduction by Cosmology

    (4.2) Consider Einstein's static universe, in which the attractive force of the matter density p is exactly balanced by the repulsive force of the cosmological constant, Λ=4piGp. Suppose that some of the matter is converted into radiation (by stars, for instance). Will the universe start to expand or contract? Explain your answ

    Positively and Negatively Curved Space

    Given the metrics needed to calculate the circumference and spatial area of a circle, what is the total number of galaxies that one can observe in a flat positively curves and negatively curved universe? See attached file for more detailed descriptions.

    Photon Flux in a Galaxy

    A galaxy with an apparent magnitude in the V band (λc ~ 5550 angstroms, width δλ ~ 800 angstroms) of mV = 22.5 mag is observed with the Palomar 200-inch telescope. How many photons per second are collected from this galaxy over the 200-inch (~ 500 cm) diameter mirror? (assume for simplicity that the filter throughput is = 1 w

    Cosmic myths influencing daily life and decisions

    Are there cosmic myths that influence your views, the views of your culture, or daily decisions? If so, which ones and how do they affect you? If not, why do cosmic myths not influence your behavior?

    Philosophy of Religion

    There seems to be a contradiction between two beliefs held by a rather large number of Christians in the United States. 1. Many Christians seem to accept modern cosmology: Galileo's view that the Earth is not the center of the Universe. 2. Many of these same people are dead set against the theory of Evolution. Originally,

    Define paradigm

    How do you understand the term paradigm? What Kuhn mean by this term? Identify a paradigm in your particular discipline, if there is one. Why is this concept important to the study of research?

    Universe is best understood as a kosmos

    "Cosmology" refers to a sub-branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of the universe. It comes from the Greek kosmos, usually translated as "world" or "universe." Kosmos actually contains that additional notion that the universe is a thing of beauty because it is balanced and harmonious. While it doesn't always seem tha

    Theories of Myths

    Theories of Myths I need some help understanding myths and theories. Write a 900 word paper summation and apply theories of myth to selected creation myths. The book Myth & Knowing discusses a variety of theoretical approaches scholars use to better understand mythology. Select three of those theories and summarize them


    DEAR XENIA, THX FOR THE SUMMARY REVIEW. PLS AMEND THE PRESENTATION TO REFLECT THE SUMMARY AND THE FOLLOWING THEMES ONLY. 1. Creation of Both the World & of Humanity 2. Concept of Good and Evil 'What societal values are taught and enforced? 3. Identities - Principal Gods, Creatures, Heroes, Saints, Prophets, etc. (5-7

    Norse mythology presentation

    Hello OTAs. I need to prepare a slideshow Presentation on Norse Mythology as well as a guide-sheet for the presentation to distribute in class. Please help! Thank you.

    Norse mythology powerpoint presentation help

    I would like you to explore the following five themes and prepare a 30 minute lesson on the beliefs of NORSE culture(power point). Everyculture since the beginring of civilization has sought to understand the world through stories, stories which gave birth to Faith. The growth of theosophy, or the knowledge of belief, led to

    Peace and Violence: Theory and Concepts

    This solution covers Johan Galtung's theory of peace and violence and introduces key concepts such as negative and positive peace, types of violence (direct,indirect, cultural and structural). This would be useful for students of peace and conflict, war and peace, and potentially for peace education and conflict theory courses.

    Describe how Pascal, Descartes, or Galileo were agents of change

    Management textbooks often refer to people who make a difference within organizations as change agents. What is less often discussed, aside from what they did and the positive results, is what made them do it. One answer to this question was penned by the author and playwright, George Bernard Shaw, when he told us, "The reasonab

    Religion's Role in Today's World?

    I'm not very aware of other religions or of the religions around world. Can you please help with the following question: 1. Where do you see religion playing a role in today's world?

    Argument from text for existence of God

    I need help formulating some kind of valid argument FOR THE EXISTENCE of God from the attached text: One of the main problems of cosmology is what cosmologists call the flatness problem. This can be defined as the problem of why the universe's actual density was almost identical to the critical density when the universe began

    About God

    If God is all-knowing, then God knows what will occur in the future as well as what is occurring now and what has occurred in the past. How would it be possible for God to know everything that will occur in the future?