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Mechanics and Young's Modulus

For the cross-section of the following figure, which is made from material with Young's modulus 100MN/m^2:
(a) State the location of the centroid.
(b) Show that the second moments of area about the z axis and teh axis aa are respectively 2.51x10^5 mm^4 and 1.26x10^6 mm^4.
(c) A strut is made of this section. When subject to end-to-end loading, about what axis will the strut buckle?
(d) Find the buckle load for a strut with one end build-in and of length 2m.


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(a) Since the cross-section is symmetric both about the z axis and a-a axis, the location of the centroid is the cross point between the two circle.
(b) The second moments of area about the z ...

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This solution includes calculations and answers for (a) through (d).