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Mechanics and Projectile Motion

I need some help with these two mechanics questions:
1. A punter kicks a football at an angle of 33.1 degrees with the horizontal at an initial speed of 24.5 m/s. What distance (in meters) away should a punt returner position himself to catch the ball just before it strikes the ground? And to what vertical height (in meters) does the football rise above the initial location?

2) A daredevil decides to jump a canyon of width 14.3 m. To do so, he drives a motorcycle up an incline sloped at an angle of 17.4 degrees. What minimum speed (in m/s) must he have in order to clear the canyon? (Assume that the initial and final heights are the same.)

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This solution answers the mechanics question sets by using concepts of projectile motion with detailed calculations and explanations.