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7.5 Macro-F & 15 Micro-F Capacitors

Hi. Can someone please walk me through how to do the following problem?

Two capacitors, one 7.5 micro-F and the other 15 micro-F are connected in a series across a 12-V battery. (a) Find the equivalent capacitance of the two capacitors. (b) Which capacitor stores more charge. Explain. (c) Find the charge stored on each capacitor.

Thank you.

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When two capacitors are connected in series the equivalent capacitance is given by,

1/C_eq = 1/c1 + 1/c2

C_eq = c1*c2/[c1+c2]

Thus here, C_eq = 7.5*10^-6*15*10^-6/[7.5+15]*10^-6

= 5*10^-6 Farad = 5 microfarad ...

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