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Two problems on Newton's laws and rolling of a ball.

Please help me with the steps.

1. Sam throws a 0.15 kg rubber ball down onto the floor. The ball's speed just before impact is 6.5 m/s, and just after is 3.5 m/s. If the ball is in contact with the floor for 0.025 sec, what is the magnitude of the average force applied by the floor on the ball?
2. A bowling ball has a mass of 7.0 kg, a moment of inertia of 2.8 x 10^-2 kg.m^2 and a radius of 0.10 m. If it rolls down the lane without slipping at a linear speed of 4.0 m/s, what is its angular speed?

Solution Summary

1. To calculate average force on a ball by floor on impact.
2. The angular velocity of a rolling ball is calculated.