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Pulley system connected to a 300 gm block: find tension in the string.

A pulley with one end connected to a 300 gm block and the other connected to an unknown weight(M) has a negligible friction. The tension in the string is given as 2 nt. Determine:

(a) the acceleration of the 300 gm block.
(b) the force acting on the 300 gm block.
(c) weight of M in Newton's
(d) value of the unknown mass M in gms.

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Because, m1 = 300 gm = 0.3 kg
m2 = M =?
let, m1> m2

m1*g - T = m1*a ....(1)
T - m2*g = m2*a ....(2)
where, a is ...

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