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Force, Mass and Acceleration

F = MA

F = Force (measured in Newton's)
M = Mass (measured in Kilograms)
A = Acceleration (measured in Meters per second per second) (m/s^2)

What is the answer?

1. F= _________ where; M = 100Kg and A = 5 m/s^2
F = MxA
F = ___________X ________ = ______________

2. F= _________ where; M = 10Kg and A = 50 m/s^2
F = ___________X ________ = ______________
F= MxA

Explain what happened to the force (F) by filling in the blanks and explaining how you get the numbers.

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When solving algebra equations...

Force = mass X acceleration. Or F = MA.

All you need to do is plug in the numbers you are given for M and A.

I think the difficulty you are ...

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