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Airplane Take Off acceleration

To take off from the ground, an airplane must reach a sufficiently high speed. The velocity required for the take-off, the take-off velocity, depends on several factors including the weight of the aircraft and the wind velocity. A plane accelerates at rest at a constant rate of 5 m/s2 on a runway that is 1800m long. The time needed for take off is 26.8 s. The speed of the plane as it takes off is 134 m/s. The distance travelled by the plane in the first second of its run is 2.50m. The distance travelled by the plane in the last second before take-off is 132m.

By using the data in the first 4 parts of the attached file:

PART E: What is the percentage of the take-off velocity did the plane gain when it reached the midpoint of the runway? (Express your answer numerically, to the nearest percent.)

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