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Why Study Humanities?

We all understand the benefits of science and technology. We see that they make life better and longer. But why do the humanities matter (art, literature, philosophy, history, language, theater, and dance.) We enjoy these pursuits, but do they matter to the individual and to society? And if so, why?

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First of all I don't believe the first two statements should be taken at face value. While advances in science and technology have benefited us (polio vaccine, artificial limbs, access to information through the internet), they have also led to detrimental things such as a more sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity, higher medical costs since people live longer, death due to complications in cosmetic surgeries either legal or on the black market, chemical warfare as is being witnessed in Syria, internet addiction among other social ills.

Science and technology tend to focus on what we can do. We conduct research and study something long ...

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This solution examines the importance of teaching humanities related topics such as music, art, dance, sociology, philosophy and religion. The place of the humanities in a scientific and technological era is discussed. Over 400 words of original text.