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    Qualitative Research Methods

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    I am doing a qualitative research project concerning stress and how firefighters cope, and I need someone to help me with analyzing the best approach of the five major approaches to this qualitative research (case studies, narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory, and ethnography).Therefore, can someone give me examples of the research problem, research purpose and research questions (and why) for the five approaches. I need to understand these concepts before I can choose which one is a better fit for my research.

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    *Collecting qualitative data consists of either open-ended information that the research obtains from interviews, case studies, observational, narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory, and/or ethnography.

    • A case study is the method of obtaining information based on an in-depth analysis of the person's thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. The person is expressing a particular belief that he or she holds. The case study usually involves an interview (it could be based on archival information) designed to obtain information on a specific individual's background, and personal and medical history. For example, in clinical interviewing, several requirements are suggested; one must know the range of different types of questions. He or she must know how the individual is affected by his or presence, and how the individual affects the interviewer. He or she should also be aware of cultural differences (e.g., class differences). Finally, it requires observational and assessment skills (Sommers-Flanagan & R. Sommers-Flanagan, 2003).

    • Observational methods-- involve observing a situation or individual in varying situations and /or different times. The observational method is considered useful for describing behaviors and events [when interviewing persons it is mainly use for describing the client's demeanor or behavior] (Maxwell, 2005).

    • The narrative (story form) is one is one step in which the data is analyzed. Matthew (2005) emphasize that the qualitative researcher has a number of options open ...

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