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Object Relations

Please help discusses The Object Theory by Klein.I need the assumptions, Reliability, Validity, Application, plus all references.

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Object relations theory, in my words, refers to a body of work by a number of thinkers with varied opinions. But generally, the main tenants focus on the relationships that an individual perceives to have with the objects around them. Also described as developing a psyche as one matures in relation to others in the environment. This is to say that while there may be a relationship observable by a third party, what is relevant to the subject's influence is the perceived nature of those dynamics. A subject may appear to have many friends and, in facet, have many individuals who do care about them, but if the object relations are such that the individual perceives little attachment to others, they may experience loneliness and feelings of isolation. I find Flanagan's description to be helpful: Berzoff, Melanoma, Flanagan, and Hertz ...

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The object theory with Klein is provided. Assumptions, reliability, validity and applications are provided.