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    Guide: Paper on Nature of Philosophy

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    From the Student:

    I need to writing a 750 word paper to define philosophy and describe the nature of philosophical questions with special focus on how philosophical questions differ from questions of a scientific or factual nature. Could you give me a outline on how I should prepare this paper?

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    Dear Student,

    Hello. It might appear initially that the task is difficult but the thing is, as long as you focus your paper and stick to word count, you will be able to cover all areas. Primarily, the difference between philosophical inquiry and scientific inquiry lies in how they tackle problems. Philosophers begin with a conclusive observation and work to prove them while scientists on the other hand tend to look at reality as a puzzle and work towards solving it following a generally inductive method that is bound by rules - the scientific method. This is so that experimentation, analysis and observation can come to prove or disprove a hypothesis or a position. One can even argue that the scientific method was born to combat the philosophical method of establishing 'truth'. Generally, both are methods of explaining reality to help make sense of our lives and our world. Let us start here then. Might I suggest the following Outline:

    ? Title: Philosophy & Science: A Concise Inquiry
    ? Abstract: - a quick summary like so - this essay will present a concise comparison and contrast of the differences between ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive guide & advise in putting together a 750-word paper on the topic of philosophy and the nature of philosophical inquiry in comparison with other forms of inquiry (i.e. scientific inquiry). The solution presents a proposed outline with an explanation of the proposed content, word count and arguments/information each section should contain. The advise focuses on creating an APA-format paper and gives advise not only on citations but also provides a list of proposed resources and references, both online and printed materials.