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Science and Society

Please assist with Cultural Studies Assigment:

You have to do at least 2 entries per theme (meaning two per Society, two per Science, etc.), i.e., one from p.1 - Internet Reading and one from p. 4 â?" Relevance to Puerto Rico. For the others you can pick and choose. The more satisfactory entries you will do the better grade you will receive. See also the grading scale in â??Introduction to the Course.â?


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Society is a grouping of people related to each other via a series of persistent and often important elements like culture, social networks, relationships, geographic territory and political systems. Human beings are members of a society and it is always the case that social elements are necessary for their survival and continuation as individuals and as members of cultures and groups. Society is defined as a semi-closed system but in actually it is actually an open system because of its very nature - society, if seen as an organism is one where all its varied parts, their purpose and function cannot be accounted for. That is because human beings are subject to change and it is a constant dynamics impacting society's structures and all essential elements that make it up. Society can be small in that it can be used to identify a grouping of individuals and much smaller group-units with a shared belief system or a shared interest (The Bible society, The Royal Photographic Society) or it can be used to refer to a particular tribe, geopolitical group or an entire nation (the Native-American society, the Hawaiian society, the Canadian Society, the American society). As is the case there is always a sense of 'social norms' and 'social standards' in place in a particular society and people who are a part it identify being a member of that society as part of who they are, how they see themselves, their identities. I would like to ...

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The solution is a very specific narrative that discusses social elements (religion, cultural identity of Puerto Rican)) and scientific elements (myths about science, astronomy in Puerto Rico) as they relates to general knowledge and is manifested in the Hispanic country of Puerto Rico. References have been listed for further studies. A word version if attached for easy printing and digital use.