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    Applied Ethics

    Applied ethics is an attempt to use philosophical methods to identify the morally correct course of action in various fields of human life. Applied ethics is an area of professional philosophy that is well paid and highly valued both within and outside of academia¹.

    Applied ethics is distinguished from normative ethics and from meta-ethics. Normative ethics is concerned with what people should believe to be right and wrong. Meta-ethics is concerned with the nature of moral statements.

    Applied ethics is concerned with just three theories: utilitarianism ethics, deontological ethics, and virtue ethics. A modern approach to applied ethics attempts to overcome the divide between deontology and utilitarianism. This is called case-based reasoning, or casuistry¹. Casuistry does not begin with theory but instead starts with the facts of a real and concrete case¹. In other words, the particular case is explored first before ethical theory is applied.

    Some examples of applied ethics include abortion, animal rights, and euthanasia. In recent years, ethical issues have been divided into groups such as medical ethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, and sexual ethics².

    Two requirements are required for an issue to be considered an applied ethical issue. First, the issue needs to be controversial in the sense that there are significant groups of people for and against the issue². The second requirement for an issue to be an applied ethical issue is that it must be a distinctly moral issue².



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    Bioethics is the study of the ethical and moral implications of new biological discoveries.

    Political Ethics

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    Political ethics are a set of codes and behaviors pertaining to political activities.

    Environmental Ethics

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    Environmental ethics is an ecological conscience or moral that reflects a commitment and responsibility toward the environment.


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    Most religious have an ethical component, often derived from supernatural revelation or guidance.

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    Questions: 1.According to Mackie, what do disagreements about moral codes reflect? Do you agree? Why or why not? 2.Give two examples of a moral practice that you think seems to be culturally relative. 3.Mackie discusses three consequences of taking cultural relativism seriously. Name at least two of them and explain why it is an absurd consequence. Do you think that that the fact that it is absurd is enough to be a refutation of cultural relativism? The Case Against Cultural Relativism (outline) James Rachelsâ??s Case Against Moral Relativism Thesis: there are universal values. Cultural differences argument (The Moral Relativism Argument) (1) Different cultures have different moral codes. (2) Therefore, there is no objective â??truthâ? in morality. Right and wrong are only matters of opinion, and opinions vary from culture to culture. Criticism: the above argument is unsound because premise 1 is about beliefs, and the conclusion is about fact. Mackie suggests three consequences of supposing cultural relativism is true. (1) We could no longer say that customs of other societies are morally inferior to our own (but we have universal intuitions against slavery and anti-Semitism). (2) We could decide whether actions are right or wrong just by consulting the standards of our society (but few think that society has a perfect moral code). (3) The idea of moral progress is brought into doubt (but this would imply that there is no justification for moral reform). There are fewer cultural differences than relativists claim. Example: Hindu practice of not eating cows We agree that we shouldn't eat Grandma; we simply disagree about whether the cow is Grandma. n Three core values common to all cultures (which are necessary for society to exist). (1) Care for children: perpetuation of society would cease. (2) Truth telling: communication would be impossible. (3) Prohibition against murder: society on any large scale would collapse.

    1.According to Mackie, what do disagreements about moral codes reflect? Do you agree? Why or why not? Mackie says that disagreements about moral codes reflect a difference in beliefs that societies hold to rather than a difference in truth itself. Truth is absolute while beliefs are relative. Yes, I agree with Mackie.

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    Workplace Ethics: Kant said that the whole of ethics is contained in the simple obligation to treat all persons as inherently valuable in themselves (not merely for what we can get from them)--in other words, with respect for them as equal to ourselves in value, and more valuable than any objects such as money or power. Ethic

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