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3 Problems related to Vectos: Force, Motion, currents

Please explain in step by step detail the following:
25. A weight of 850 pounds is suspended by two cables. ONe cable makes an angle of 66 degrees with a vertical line, the other makes an angle of 42 degrees with a vertical line. Find the amount of force exerted by each of the cables.

24. An airplane is scheduled to reach an airport 600 miles away in exactly 3 hours. If the airport is directly northeast of the starting point and a wind of 20 mph will be forcing the plane southward, at what angle should the pilot head the plane? What should the air speed be?

23. The resultant of two currents of electricity is 12 amperes at a direction angle of 30 degrees. If one of the currents consists of 15 amperes at 60 degrees ( from what would be the positive x axis), what is the vector of the other current?

On the above please explain resultant , vector , and formulas used

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1. Equilibrium of forces
2. Motion of airplane in presence of wind.
3. Electric Currents