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Triangles used in solving word problems

1. Anne is pulling on a 60 foot rope attached to the top of a 48-foot tree while Walter is cutting the tree at its base. How far from the base of the tree is Anne standing. ( picture a triangle with the hypotenuse is 60 ft. and the back of the triangle is 48 ft from top to the base x ft. )
(the back is the right side and the hypotenuse is on the left)

2. Suppose at the kickoff of a football game , the receiver catches the football at the left side of the goal line and runs for a touchdown diagonally across the field . How many yards would he run ? ( A football field is 100 yards long and 160 feet wide.)

3. Betty observed that the lamppost in front of her house cast a shadow of length 8feet when the angle of inclination of the sun is 60 degrees . How tall is the lamppost? ( In a 30- 60- -90 right angle , the side opposite 30 is one half the length of the hypotenuse.) by the way the base is 8 t . (x ft is going down the back of the triangle )
(the back is on the left side and the hypotenuse is on the right)

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