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Right triangles

Please give answer and explanation and or steps if needed please to check my work.

1) Draw a right triangle whose sides (not the hypotenuse) have lengths of 8 and 15. Angle A is adjacent to the side of 8, and angle B is adjacent to the side with the length of 15. The tan A=?

2) For the same triangle in question 1 do for the sin A = ?, cos A, and tan B please.

3) If sin x = 0, then cos x =

a 0, b +/- 0.5, c +/- 1, d +/- 0.707, e +/- 0.866

4) If tan x = 1, then x = ?

a 0, b pi/4, c pi/3, d pi/2, e pi

5) What is the radius of a circle whose area is A?

a (pi) * A^2
b the square root of A divided by pi
c A divided by 2 * pi
d the square root of pi divided by A
e A divided by pi

6) Where does the graph of the line y=mx +b cross the x axis?

a b, b m/b, c b/m, d -b/m, e -m/b

7) There are 15 students for each professor. Let S = the # of students, and P = the number of profs. A correct expression for this is?

a P=15S,
b S=15P
c P/S=15
d P+S=16
e S-P=14

Thank you!

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