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frequency histogram

1. Richwood Products buys parts from Staple Brothers machining. The engineers at Richwood want to ensure that the parts purchased meet their companyâ??s standards. Their engineers take a random sample of 5000 parts from all of the parts purchased from Staple and test to see if the parts are defective. Out of the 5000 parts, 75 were found to be unacceptable â?" yielding a defect rate of 1.5%. The engineers reported back that less than 2% of all parts purchased from Staple Brothers are defective.

a). Population

b). Sample

c). Variable

d). Type of measurement scale

e). A piece of datum

f). Statistic

g). Parameter

2. For the sample data set: {8, 17, 10, 25, 10, 14} Identify:

a). Mean: b). Median:

c). Mode: d). 70th Percentile:

e). 1st Quartile f). 3rd Quartile :

g). Variance h). Standard deviation:


3. Fill in the blank with the appropriate values given the following frequency distribution of a sample of data:

Value, x Frequency, f x * f ( x â?" )2 * f
20 5
21 7
22 1
23 3

Find: (1 pt each)

a). The sample weighted mean:

b). The median:

c). The sample standard deviation:

d). The 85th percentile:

4. Given the following values, create a scale and a boxplot. Give the numerical values of the 5-number summary on the boxplot. Show the values that would be used to determine the outliers, and graph and label any in the data. Also, compute the interquartile range (IQR).

21 12 31 89 64 31 75 42 50 64

a). Boxplot: (Five number summary _____, ______, _____, _____, _____)

b). The IQR is:

c). Give the values that would be used to determine if there are outliers.

d). If there are outliers, what are they?

5. The distribution of weights of parts produced during the month of November is normally distributed with a mean weight of 200 grams and a standard deviation of 10 grams.

a) What is the z-score for a weight of 210? _____________

b) What weight would we expect 50% of the packages to weigh more than? ____

What percent of the packages:

c). Weigh between 170 and 230 grams?

d). Weigh less than 190 grams?

6. Write the correct letter next to the symbols below. The following paragraph gives all of the required information:
A simple random sample of 60 one-gallon pails was taken from a batch of 3000 one-gallon pails of ice cream. The sample had a mean weight of 123.8 ounces with a standard deviation of 2.4 ounces. All of the 3000 pails had a mean weight of 127.2 ounces with a standard deviation of 1.4 ounces.
Give letter of the value that is represented by each symbol:

_____ µ A. 60
_____ s B. 3000
_____ n C. 123.8
_____ Ï? D. 127.2
E. 1.4
_____ N F. 2.4

7. Given the following data:

a). Compute the relative frequency and the cumulative frequency distribution table for the data.

Price range Frequency Relative
Frequency Cumulative
31 â?" 35 5
36 â?" 40 10
41 â?" 45 17
46 â?" 50 8

b). Sketch the frequency histogram for the data.


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