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Prime numbers and perfect square

Solve the following problems in essay form (1 to 2 paragraphs for each problem is fine). Please show all work and show how you came up with the answer. Please make sure that you address the following questions: (1) How did you get your answer? (2) What steps did you take? (3) Where did you begin? (4) Why did you do what you did? (5) Explain in detail what your answers to the problems are?

Problem 1 -
Mr. Smith invited 17 guests to his "Disco-reunion" party. He assigned each guest a number from 2 to 18, keeping 1 for himself. When everyone was dancing, he noticed that the sum of each couple's numbers was a perfects square. What was he number of Mr. Smith's partner?

Problem 2 -
Define "prime date" to be a date during the year where both the months (as a number, i.e. January is 1, February is 2, etc) and the day are both prime numbers. What is the average number of prime dates per week in one year?

Thank you

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This is a pair of word problems involving prime numbers and perfect squares.