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    A Matrix is a rectangular array of numbers, letters or symbols. Each number/letter/symbol in the matrix is called an element. Consider the following matrix:

    |1 2 1|

    |2 3 1|

    |0 1 2|

    Since the above matrix has 3 rows and 3 columns, this is known as a 3x3 matrix. There are many operations that can be done to matrices to manipulate them in order to solve linear equations. For example, two matrices can be added together or subtracted by adding or subtracting the respective elements. For example,

    If A = [1 2] and B [2 4], then A-B =

    [1 2] – [2 4] = [-1 -2]

    For the multiplication of two matrices, the following condition must be met: the number of columns of the first matrix has to equal the number of rows of the second matrix.

    For example

    If A=

    |1 1|

    |1 1|

    And B =

    |2 2|

    |2 2|

    Then A*B =

    |4 4|

    |4 4|

    Thus it can be seen that the applicability of matrices can extend into many fields of Mathematics and Science, as it can be used to solve linear equations.

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    ** Please see the attachment for a complete problem description ** Describe the cokernels of the n-by-n matrices An and Bn as abelian group. Recall that the cokernel of an n-by-n matrix Nn equals Zn=NnZn and has another interpretation for certain graphs.

    Inverse of Matrix: Sample Proof With Example

    If A and B are n x n matrices AB = BA = In, then B is called the inverse of A (this terminology is appropriate because such a matrix B is unique) and A is said to be invertible. The notation B = A^-1 denotes that B is the inverse of A. See attachment for question.

    Commutative rings

    Show that if A and B are commutative rings and if f : A → B is a ring homorphism, then there is a natural B-module isomorphism from: (B ⊗A M) ⊗B (B ⊗A N) to B ⊗A (M ⊗A N) for A-modules M,N

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    ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** Determine if the following sets along with the given operations form groups. If so, determine the identity element and if they are Abelian. If not, explain why.

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    Find the projection matrix P_1 onto the line.... through a=(1,3) and also the matrix P_2 that projects onto the line perpendicular to a. **The line perpendicular to a is given by the vector b=(-3,1)** Compute P_1+P_2 and P_1 P_2 and explain in geometric terms

    Sets of Matrices Closed Under Matrix Multiplication

    Please provide detailed explanation that verifies response. Also, please use formal set notation to prove necessity and sufficiency. If possible, please post response as either a MS Word or PDF file. Infinite Thanks for your time!