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Maximizing the Revenue for an Airline Company

An airline has a new airplane that will be fitted out for a combination of first and second class passengers. A first class seat will cost $120 on a certain one-way trip and a second class seat $80. The seating capacity of the plane is 200 second class seats. A first class seat takes 1.2 times the floor area of a second-class seat. It is assumed that a first class passenger and his luggage weigh 250 lbs, while a second-class passenger and his luggage weigh 210 lbs. If the weigh limit on the plane is 45,000 lbs, how many seats of each type should be offered it is assumed that all seats in both classes will be sold?

Solution Summary

Objective Function: Maximize Revenue
Two constraints: (a) Floor area (b) Weight
Separate graphs of the constraints and the intersection graph showing the feasible region. The entire solution (along with the graphs) is in the Attachment.