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Linear Programming Problem Using Excel Solver

I need the attached problem done in excel using the built in solver. For this problem we need to come up with our own constraints. If someone could solve it using excel solver I would appreciate it.

In the Middle East water is a critical need. According to a population expert, there are 500 families of tribe A living in a small 300 square mile valley. This number is assumed to be the maximum number the water in the valley can support. A new tribe B invades the valley. According to studies each family fiercely defends a certain amount of territory and will not allow families of the other tribe to intrude. Suppose that a family of tribe A defends 1 square miles and a family of tribe B defends 3 square miles. Suppose further that tribe B uses twice as much water as tribe A. What is the maximum number of families of each tribe that can coexist in the valley.