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Linear Programming Problem - Hurricanes in Florida.

After the hurricanes in Florida in the summer of 2004, FEMA sent disaster relief trucks to the state carrying bottled water and generators. Each truck could carry no more than 6000 pounds of cargo. Each case of bottled water weighed 25 pounds and each generator weighed 150 pounds. Due to the number of trucks and the supply of water and generators nationwide, each truck had to carry at least 10 generators and the number of cases of water in each truck had to be at least twice the number of generators. If each generator helped 20 Florida disaster victims and each case of water helped two victims, determine the maximum number of Florida hurricane victims aided by each truck and how many generators and cases of water should have been sent in each truck.

I need to come up with:
1) the variables and
2) the equation for the objective function
3) a set of inequalities that forms the system of constraints
4) and then graph the inequalities, determine corner points and finally determine the
solution to the objective function using these results.


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