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Linear Algebra : Find Currents Given Kirchhoff's Circuit and Voltage Law Equations (KCL and KVL)

1. An electrical circuit is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1
The governing KVL and KCL equations are:
v-R2i2-R4i4 = 0; -R2i2+R1i1+R3i3 = 0; -R4i4 -R3i3+R5i5 = 0
i6 = i1+i2; i2 +i3 = i4; i1 = i3+i5; i4+i5 = i6
Find the currents for the case: R1 = 1 k; R2 = 5 k; R3 = 2 k; R4 = 10 k; R5 = 5 k and v = 100 volts. (Now realize that node or loop analysis provide a systematic way of solving circuit problems!!)

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