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Applications of Linear Equations : A Quick Setting Grout

A quick setting grout made from a mixture of cement/sandwater and an additive is needed for a tunnelling project

Two trial mixes have been made with the following combinations of grout and additive.

5 litres of sand/cement/water + 1 litre of additive =6 liter of grout mass=12.487kg

5 liters of sand/cement/water =1.5litre of additive=6.5liter of grout mass=12.98kg

(a) from this information find the densities of the sand/cement/water mixture and
the additive in kg/litre, giving your answers accurate to three decimal place.

(b) using this information determine the quantities needed to make 5 litres of grout with a density of 2.000kg/litre

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This question is using a linear relationship between volume added and mass. You add more grout additive and the mass and the volume increase, but this increase will be linear. If we set the total mass equal to y and the volume of grout additive ...

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Linear equations are applied to finding mass of materials for a quick setting grout.