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Matrices and Linear Systems of Equations

The augmented matrix of a linear system has been reduced by row operations to the form shown. In each case, continue the appropriate operations and describe the solution set of the original system.



Solve the system.



Determine if the system is consistent. Don not completely solve but explain your answer.


Determine the value(s) of h such that the matrix is the augmented matrix of a consistent linear system.


Mark true or false and explain your answer.

a) every elementary row operation is reversible.
b) A 5x6 matrix has 6 rows.
c) The solution set of a linear system involving variables is a list of numbers ( ) that makes each equation in the system a true statement when the values are substituted for , respectively.
d) Two fundamental questions about a linear system involve existence and uniqueness.

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.


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